The Secret to Hidden Fees

Hidden Fees, can’t live with em can’t live without.. actually strike that. Hidden fees are just sneaky and in general, are no fun to deal with.

Just for you folks out there that never had to deal with hidden fees (lucky you), I’m going to break it down. Hidden fees are those pesky charges that are never included in the description of the product but could be added to the final cost AFTER being ordered. Hidden fees can come up as shipping, tax, handling fees, extra design elements, printing, etc.

This is why choosing a company like Angelmark Associates is your best bet financially. Angelmark‘s All Inclusive Pricing includes everything:  Design, Printing, Tax & Shipping!  Our price is your FINAL total. Angelmark could produce a product costing $1 each including product design, tax, shipping while others could have the SAME product for ¢.90. Yes, this beats our cost but now add tax, design and shipping (or any other bogus fees) to their price. What price is better now?

These companies tend to cover up additional charges, meaning you, the customer, does not find out about those charges until after the order is processed and there’s no going back (unless you want to pay more fees, such as a canceling fee)!

apples oranges

Let’s say your company wants a banner that will be used for a special event. You go with a no-name quality company for convenience sake. They advertise your banner to be $500 and you gladly take it thinking it’s a steal. However, the banner still has to go through design, printing and shipping…meaning that banner is no longer $500 but more like $800! Even worse, if the product is bigger than expected, shipping could be more expensive than the product itself.

The decision is obviously up to you, the customer, however wouldn’t you rather go with a company who has integrity and honesty built into their values than a profit-centered company?

Hidden Fees Video


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