Big Sales from Big Smiles

Office settings don’t usually bring the greatest joy to employees but negative mindsets and a tired attitude can really disrupt business. This advice has been around for years and it’s the first thing i remember hearing in my first advertising & marketing class (taken in high school, of course). According to the University of Portsmouth, smiling affects how we speak, listeners can identify even the TYPE of smile (whether its fake or not). Think about it, if you pick up the phone to a moody frowny person you’re more likely to hang up quicker. If the person on the other end is cheery and inviting those who answer are more likely to stay on the phone.

Attitude is everything people! 

So we know we have to smile in order to sell- but what happens when you just aren’t the cheeriest person on the planet? Don’t worry guys, I’m in the same boat- which is why I consulted Lisa Kruse aka the big boss lady herself, the owner of Angelmark Associates (an advertising and marketing company for those of you just joining us).

Her direct words everyone: “Make it a Habit”

Okay. Make it a habit, that can’t be too hard right? Here are some ways you can make smiling before dialing a habit:

  1. Write yourself a little reminder! Something cute like : “You are beautiful, Smile!” (even just the word “Smile!” will do)
  2. Tape a picture (or quote) on your desk phone that reminds you of the people or places you love
  3. Mirror it! Place a mirror on your desk or somewhere you always look to make sure you’re always cheesing hard
  4. Stand up! Get some exercise and walk around while having a small phone chat fluctuate those energy levels
  5. FORCE IT , totally kidding, but according to The Atlantic, forcing a smile will not only put you in a better mood but it’ll also relieve your stress. (especially the stress from all those phone calls)

To make it short- show those pearly whites off and you’ll probably get the sale.. frown and well it’s a one way ticket to hangup city for you.

I mean hey, it’s said smiling burns more calories than frowning… and who doesn’t like burning some calories now and then?


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