Decoding Social Media Trends of 2017

Social media plays a prevalent role in everyone’s lives. In the year 2017, social media will become even more relevant to not just everyday people but, as the year goes on, companies as well. A social media trend is a fad that is the subject of posts, pictures, or videos for a period of time. Fads pop up throughout the year and can last for a short period of time – like a week, to a long period of time, like 2-3 months.

If you’re not someone who picks up on social trends easily then you’re in luck! Decoding social media trends is my specialty (I like to think) so you’ve come to the right place. As social media becomes more involved with businesses and consumers, we see the development of complicated fads. These fads could be extremely helpful in turning your business around or amplifying it – but you first need to understand how they work. Below is a list of up and coming trends in the social media world.

Live Chat/Video

So…basically video chats right? Well, right and wrong. Video Chats can be between one and however many the software allows to join the chat. New updates to sites like Facebook and Instagram let you live chat to ALL your friends and followers. There is no “joining a chat”. For instance, let’s say you want to live chat of your company’s Facebook to communicate a new product your company is releasing. Anyone interested in this would click on your live stream and instantly be listening in- they can even comment! Both your smartphone and computer can be hooked up to enjoy live streaming through social media but they are quite different in how to set them up. Obviously, each site has different ways to get the ball rolling but for Facebook in general, your phone comes easily equipped (with the Facebook app of course) to live stream your heart away. However, if you want to access live stream on your computer there are some steps to take, found here. If accessing live stream on Facebook- the video will stick to your profile until deleted. For Instagram, live is exactly that- live, and if you don’t see it while shooting, you wont see it again!

Humanistic Interactions

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve seen my fair share of relatable blog posts in 2016. I’m not quite over them yet but I do admit they get old. That being said, another 2017 social trend could in fact be not only emotional posts but emotional…pictures? That’s right- living vicariously through social media posts may be one of the top trends in the upcoming year. Sites now let you share pictures and videos that can expand 360 degrees! These kinds of posts make the user feel as though they are actually experiencing what you are- without leaving the comfort of their home. Posting emotionally inspirational pictures and blog posts give the user something aesthetically pretty to look at instead of something rough and blunt. Posts like these even give a more relatable feel to the company allowing the company and consumer to interact on other levels.


For the simple requests of users social media sites, yes, like facebook, there are chatbots. Think of Siri – but for social media sites. Now I know we just talked about becoming more personal with our consumers but chatbots handle the little stuff that human interaction isn’t needed for! This could be like paying for advertising space on Facebook- as their bots now include accepting cards like Visa and American Express. This bot take whatever the customer needs and uses artificial intelligence to attend to each of these tasks and needs. This can be something like ordering food, sending quotas or delivering news/ads. These bots can help decrease the time spent looking for information about different companies. It’s basically a quicker more personal Google!

Not grasping it yet? Don’t worry it took me a little too. Look at it this way; say you want to order a promotional product from yours truly (Angelmark Associates for those of you who forgot). Instead of going through our website, spending however long it takes and trying to lock down exactly what you want – open the Angelmark Chatbot and send a description of the product you want. They work by finding that product for you quick and easy, similar to ordering over the phone!

As of now, chatbot isn’t available on every companies website but Facebook does provide chatbots to help speed up the gathering or information.

Instant Purchasing

Instagram is already way ahead of this trend but instant purchasing from social media sites are getting more and more recognition. See a dress you like on Instagram? It’s probably available to buy right through the app! No more searching through countless clothing sites to find the one most similar. This can’t only be used for clothing but a plethora of other products and services.

Decoding social media trends can be tricky- as seen by the page and a half blog post written above. But, once you get the hang of it, the trends can help your company grow and stay successful continuously evolving with the cyber world around it.


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